Africa 2016 – Press Conference: How can Africa harness the power of innovation to give its economies

African tech firms raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding last year and the continent has produced its first “unicorn”, or tech company valued at more than $1 billion. Governments have made strong commitments to a future that’s led by science – yet challenges remain.

Experts from government and private sectors and from the Kigali Innovation City share insights on the next steps to enable digital innovation to flourish on the continent.

•Francis Gatare, Chief Executive Officer and Cabinet Member, Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rwanda; Global Agenda Council on Africa.
•Raghu Malhotra, President, Middle East and Africa, MasterCard, United Arab Emirates.
•Fredrik Jejdling, President, sub-Saharan Africa Region, Ericsson, South Africa.
•Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf, Minister for Financial Services, Digital and Innovation of Jersey

Moderated by Maxwell Hall, Media Lead, Broadcast and Programming, World Economic Forum, Switzerland.

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