Algeria Cycling: Team GSP hoping to defend title contested by over 40 teams

Algerians are hopeful that Yacine Reguigui will this year become the first rider from the North African state to compete in the Tour de France. The 27-year-old is currently the only Algerian on contract with a team in the UCI world tour, Team Dimension Data. Reguigui’s career began on the streets of Algiers encouraged by his father, a former rider. On Friday, a number of young talents were hoping their careers can follow a similar path as they competed in the weekly night races held during the month of Ramadan. Over 30 riders from teams in Algiers and Blida competed in the penultimate race of the holy month. The races are organised late into the night to allow riders break their fast. Team GSP which introduced Reguigui to the world is hoping to defend its title this year. Algeria has invested heavily in the sport with over 40 teams across the country. Those involved in Algerian cycling are confident they are on the right track in developing the sport.

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