DRC electoral commission now sets polls for 2019

The long-delayed election in Democratic Republic of Congo cannot take place until at least April 2019. That’s according to the country’s electoral commission. The commission says it would need at least 504 days to organize the poll, once voter registration is completed. Enrollment began in mid-September and is expected to take about three months. That means the vote can’t take place this year, as earlier anticipated. This announcement by the commission is now likely to enrage opponents. It would also violate an agreement between Kabila’s representatives and his opponents that the election would take place before the end of this year. The opposition has repeatedly accused Kabila of trying to cling to power by postponing elections after his term officially ended. There have been a series of protests against Kabila’s refusal to step down. Kabila denies he intends to remain in office. He has been in power since 2001.

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