Leading energy producer, KenGen has today unveils its Community Engagement Strategy

KenGen unveils its Community Engagement Strategy
NAIROBI, Wednesday, August 21st, 2019: Leading energy producer, KenGen has today unveiled its Community Engagement Strategy.
The strategy will steer the organization’s engagement with communities across the country and is part of its business sustainability strategy. KenGen has invested billions of shillings in energy projects including geothermal, hydro and wind energy.
With the framework in place, there will be increased growth based on return on investment, risk mitigation, faster project implementation, reduced direct project costs, reduced risk of litigation and breach of legal obligations as well as enhanced social benefits for local communities and greater business resilience, among others.
Energy Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Charles Keter, lauded KenGen’s move, saying it was a demonstration of a commitment to deepen engagement with communities. “This initiative to put in place a forward-thinking, values-based community engagement strategy is in line with global best practice,” he said.
Eng. Isaac Kiva from Ministry of Energy read his speech on his behalf.

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