LIVE: #AfricaLive 10GMT 10/09/2019

LIVE: #AfricaLive

Here’s Karen Roberts with our Business news at this hour.

*The body of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is on the way back home. Mr. Mugabe died in Singapore late last week at the age of 95. His body will lie in state for three days. Robert Mugabe will be laid to rest on Sunday.

*More than 600 Nigerians are on the way back from South Africa as part of a voluntary repatriation program. Only those under distress as a result of recent attacks on foreigners in South Africa are allowed to participate.

*Egypt’s annual urban consumer price inflation rate decreased to 7.5% in August, the lowest rate in years and seen by analysts as opening the way for further rate cuts by the central bank.


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