Brett Mallen: The African Opportunity | Aspire Africa

Watch our interview with Brett Mallen, current Acting CEO of Sanlam Africa Investments, discussing how the business has evolved to offer and consolidate its African investment capabilities to share its insights and growth potential with select long-term institutional partners and clients.

Sanlam Africa investments provides a gateway for investors to capitalise on exciting African growth opportunities with the security of a stable institutional investor that has nearly 100 years’ experience on the continent.

With a presence in 13 African countries, Sanlam Africa investments are able to successfully source and manage institutional investments across a range of asset classes.

The company’s footprint has shown steady, continuous growth with a proven track record of success.

Sanlam Africa Investments exists to allow its clients to capitalise on the attractive long-term returns and diversification benefits of investing in Africa, which Sanlam has experienced as it has expanded across the continent.

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