Election 2020: what the data tell us | The Economist

The presidential election has been transformed by data. From key swing states and early voting to voter suppression and possible election-night chaos, Elliott Morris, our data journalist and election guru, discusses his polling predictions and answers your questions about the 2020 race for the White House.

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00:00 – An unprecedented election
00:35 – Why should we trust election predictions?
02:03 – How will the pandemic affect election predictions?
03:04 – Voter turnout in swing states
03:55 – Why we don’t use early voting data in our forecast
05:14 – Mail-in ballot rejection rates
07:38 – How long can we expect to wait for the results?
08:42 – Could the results flip after all mail-in ballots are counted?
09:39 – Will Americans accept the election result?

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